Coming in April, 2024:

Intentional Eating Online Group Program
  • Are you constantly challenged by figuring out the “right” things to eat? 
  • Do you feel shame about some of the choices you make, and feeling regretful after eating? 
  • Is food your go-to to numb your feelings, eating the whole bag of cookies before you’ve even tasted one?
  • Do you hate how your body feels after eating?
  • Are you confused by diets and what you “should” be eating?

  • Nine 10-minute videos to build core, improve mobility, and increase strength, that are easy to fit into your busy day
  • 1 visualization meditation to help your swing, while improving your focus and sense of calm
  • A Foam Rolling for Golf video and PDF, teaching you about how, when, and why to use a foam roller and tennis ball to release tension and give yourself a myofascial massage before you play.
  • An eBook titled “Top 6 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Golf Game”

Are you Gen X or older and feel like your body is falling apart?

Getting older can be challenging, it’s definitely not for the weak and unadventurous. Aging isn’t terribly kind to the body or the mind.

  • why what you do with your body everyday matters
  • the benefits of building strength, mobility, and balance to live with less pain
  • why what you eat and how you think about food affects how you feel
  • why the stories you tell yourself aren’t true and what you can do to change them