Coming November, 2023:

Back to Yoga Basics Online Course
  • You want to have a strong body and a calm mind to feel better in your skin
  • You want to improve your balance, and mobility in a safe and supported way to decrease the risk of falls and move more confidently throughout your day
  • You’ve heard yoga and meditation help with anxiety and insomnia, but you don’t know how to start
  • You already practice yoga, but want to go back the beginning to learn proper alignment and anatomy, and reduce the risk of injury
  • You are interested in learning breathing and meditation to feel more calm and centered
  • You’re working with injuries or physical limitations and want to learn to practice the poses correctly in the body that you have
  • You want to feel more confident before stepping into a group class

Coming in January, 2024:

Intentional Eating Online Group Program

Coming in January, 2024:

  • you struggle with chronic lower back discomfort and you are tired of the pain getting in the way of your active life
  • you feel exhausted by the end of the day, just from being in pain
  • you hold back from social situations, for fear of making your pain worse
  • you feel depressed, low energy, and like you are not living your full life

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Are you Gen X or older and feel like your body is falling apart?

Getting older can be challenging, it’s definitely not for the weak and unadventurous. Aging isn’t terribly kind to the body or the mind.

  • why what you do with your body everyday matters
  • why you need to build strength, mobility, and balance to live with less pain
  • why what you eat and how you think about food affects how you feel
  • why the stories you tell yourself aren’t true and what you can do to change them