Are Your Thoughts Harmful to Yourself and Others?

Are Your Thoughts Harmful to Yourself and Others?

My early days

Upward Facing Dog, a common pose in Vinyasa Yoga. I love the heart opening aspect of this pose

What is Ahimsa?

a sign that says be kind on it
Photo by Adam Nemeroff on Unsplash

How you move through the world

The bottom line

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  1. Write 3 kind things about yourself, whatever that means to you.
  2. Ask a specific question. Is there is something that you struggle with and want/need support regarding practicing Ahimsa?
  3. Share a time when you intentionally/unintentionally caused harm to someone (you can include yourself) and rewrite how you could have practiced Ahimsa in that situation. Use this as an opportunity to forgive yourself. We all have these moments. Forgiveness heals.

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