3 Reasons Body Awareness Matters as You Age

3 Reasons Body Awareness Matters as You Age

Posture affects Function

Helpful tips:

  1. If you wonder if you have good posture, stand against a wall. Gently press your heels, pelvis, ribs, and back of your head against the wall. Are you comfortable or is it a strain to stand like this? If it’s comfortable, you probably naturally stand with good posture. If you feel like you are straining, most likely you don’t. Practice standing against the wall for a minute multiple times a day and eventually you will start to feel less struggle and more ease with standing up straight. There are also many yoga poses that can help. Read this post for more.
  2. In the car, sit up straight with the back of your head against the headrest. Adjust your mirrors so that you have the proper view from this position. When you drive, if you are not seeing what you should in your mirrors, that’s a little reminder to adjust your posture.
  3. If you work at a desk or are on a computer all day, put a post-it note on your monitor that stays “be upright” or something to that effect. Whether you sit or stand at your desk, there is always a way to slouch or lean while you work. You can also put an alarm or reminder in your phone that goes off periodically as a hint to notice your posture.

Repetitive movements can cause pain

Helpful Tips:

Humans are Master Compensators

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