3 Tips on How to Choose the Right Yoga Class

3 Tips on How to Choose the Right Yoga Class

1. Know your Goals

2. Choose a Style Based on Your Goals

Warrior 2 practiced in a chair
Chair Yoga Warrior 2

3. Find a teacher who will support your goals

Your Yoga Teacher Should:

  • Engage with students in a meaningful way. If they just show up, teach, then leave, they are not invested in your growth. It doesn’t even matter that you are there. A good teacher cares that you are there and wants you to get the most out of your practice.
  • Answer questions and give support when necessary. Support might mean alignment corrections, suggestions about modifications, mindset cues, or things to think about while practicing. You should feel like you can get help when you need it and that your teacher can offer you that help.
  • Help you understand the practice in YOUR body. If you are working with an injury, or have joint replacements, you’ll need specific modifications for certain poses. Your teacher should offer you ways to practice that feel safe in the body that you have. There are always ways to modify.
  • Help you feel safe, generally. Your teacher should be mindful of your boundaries, how you want to be touched, if at all, and how much interaction you are looking for. If you just want to show up and practice, that is your choice. Maybe you want all the hands-on adjustments, that is also your choice. If you only want verbal cues, again, your choice. Your practice, your choice. Your teacher should support you in the way that you want to practice.

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